Hi – my name is Klaus and I’m from Austria. Since I was a little boy, traveling has always been one of the most important passion in my life.

It all started with an old VW van with my parents in Europe and Africa. In my childhood we did a lot of trips with it. When I was 17 years old my parents bought an old Land Rover and we crossed West and North Africa with it.

Beside and after finishing my university education for sports and geography I did extreme sports and adventure projects in Greece, Morocco, Southeastasia and New Zealand which were covered by magazines and different TV-Stations. 

Some years ago I started another adventure project with my lovely wife and my 2 beautiful daughters which we covered in 3 Episodes in YouTube called The Sailing Family.

It was an awesome time and we spend a lot of time on the water in Greece, Italy, Panama, Colombia, Bahamas and Turks- and Caicos Islands.


Now it’s time for the next adventure – so I decided to buy a motorcycle because when I’ve been with my parents in the Hoggar Mountains in Algeria 33 years ago we met some guys traveling with their motorcycles and I knew that one day I will return to the Hoggar Mountains with a motorcycle.

So here we go… follow my adventure on YouTube


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